Helpful Tips & Advice for Sharkathon Participants


1) Make sure you have purchased your current Texas fishing license along with the saltwater stamp. most licenses expire at the end of August. Make sure you have photo ID also.

2) If you are entered into the Shark division you qualify for the $10,000 bonus for a shark caught per Sharkathon rules over 10 feet long. An important rule to this bonus is that along with the angler there must be 2 adult witnesses. If you are fishing a 2 person camp and you hook into a large shark you better make sure to go to the nearest camp and get an additional witness before the shark is landed. To qualify for Sharkathon the shark must be released and remember that the big sharks are notorious for fighting to near death so time will be critical once it is landed.

3) Every year we see pictures come in where the participant is not holding the ruler correctly. If the picture does not meet our qualifications it will be disqualified. Make sure to review the Sharkathon Picture Rules and Requirements.

4) Be prepared!! A good piece of advice is to assemble a shark kit and place all of the necessary tools for landing a shark in a backpack so that it is easy to carry and your time required to land, photograph & release a shark will be much quicker. Suggested items are Sharkathon catch log, Sharkathon ruler, the provided 120 inch ruler, pencil, small pair of bolt cutters, large channel-lock style pliers, cutting pliers, tail-rope, digital camera, hook remover tools, tagging equipment, a knife, flashlight, headlamp, and anything else you might need. With this kit in a backpack you could fight a fish while wearing it and be ready instantly.

5) Included in the packet is a non-sharpened #2 standard pencil with eraser. A pencil sharpener is also included within the packet, you can also use a knife to sharpen a pencil. The catch log is printed on waterproof paper that will survive getting wet, ink will smear if wet and we advise the use of a pencil for filling out your catch log. Remember you must fill out your catch log in advance and you have to turn it in to receive your door prize tickets.

6) Each participant needs have their camera at check in and take a picture of a designated sign at check in. Set the correct date and time on your camera. Remember to bring any card reader, cables, and driver cd’s from your camera in case that our readers cannot retrieve the pictures from your memory card. If we cannot retrieve the picture it will not count.

7) Mosquitoes, always be prepared for them.

8) First aid kit, be as prepared as you can be for an emergency.

9) Inspect your flashlights and lanterns for batteries, mantles, and fuel, make sure to have plenty of light sources when camping to aid in every aspect of shark fishing.

10) Prepare a vehicle recovery kit with tow-strap, shovel, tire plug kit, 12v compressor, mechanics tool kit, and wood to support your jack. PINS is not always a vehicle friendly place and being prepared for contingencies is critical when under a time frame as such when having to get to Padre Balli by to submit catches.


If you have some advice that you think should be in here use the contact us tab on the website and we will review and add what we can.