Contestants will adhere to parking rules set forth by Sharkathon for check in and awards ceremony. 

Contestants will obey instructions from board members & volunteers in regards to parking. Failure to follow these rules or instructions can result in disqualification. 

Sharkathon can and will be delayed from starting due to parking violations. 

No parking along the main street entrance to Padre Balli (Nueces County Park Road). Once the parking lot is full at the Briscoe Pavilion additional parking will be expanded to the sides of the road perpendicular to the the entrance loop (Elliff Road)

Passenger vehicles without fishing gear will not be allowed to park in the Briscoe Pavilion primary parking lot at the awards ceremony and will be diverted to alternate parking located along Elliff Road. The primary parking lot at the awards ceremony is reserved for contestant’s vehicles with fishing gear.