Sharkathon Newsletter 8-10-18

The ADD-DIVISION option for people who have already entered has been activated in the store on the website.

Spots are still available in all divisions at this time but once they sell out they will be closed.

The current list of raffle prizes that have been confirmed have been posted on the website located at the “Raffle” tab, we will be adding more prizes as time goes on. Purchase of raffle tickets offers the opportunity to win some awesome prizes and allows Sharkathon to utilize the proceeds for donations to the following programs.

PINS – Used to help transport underprivileged school children to the park to participate in educational field trips.
FOP – Friends of Padre, the organization that runs the yearly Billy Sandifer Beach Cleanup, we purchase the shirts given away to all the volunteers who participate in the event.
Texas Shark Rodeo & Harte Research Institute - Sharkathon is collaborating with HRI on promoting tagging studies on sharks in Texas waters via funding operating costs of the Texas Shark Rodeo.
CCA - We donate annually to the local Corpus CCA banquet.

Just to be clear for everyone so that there are no misunderstandings please review below about the ADD-DIVISION option.

This option is only for participants who have already entered Sharkathon and are wanting to add a division to their entry.
Only Redfish, Trout, & Tarpon may be added, you cannot add shark division to any entry.
Women's or Kids division cannot add a division to their entry.
You will be required to have your Order # to complete the process.
The Order # can be obtained from the email receipt sent out upon purchase or by the original purchaser logging into the website and clicking on the “Store” tab then “Account”.
The purchaser is the name of the person who originally purchased the entry, the angler is the name of the person fishing.
This online option will close down 10 days before the event, it will be available during check-in, but it will be a slow process in a separate line, so we highly recommend utilizing the online method.

Thank you for your participation and support,
Sharkathon Staff